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It is well documented that domestic violence occurs in epidemic proportions. Domestic Violence is the most common form of violence against women.  An abuser establishes and maintains power over the victim through the use of a variety of coercive tactics that can include physical, psychological, sexual, economic, and emotional abuse, resulting in a fixed imbalance of power between the abuser and his/her partner. Abusers may use emotional abuse, attempt to isolate the victim from friends or family, and/or exert control over financial resources. 

These forms of abuse can be very difficult to recognize as domestic violence, not only by the victim, but also by friends, family members, and helping professionals. Children who witness domestic violence may develop serious emotional, behavioral, developmental or academic problems. As they develop, children and teens who grow up with domestic violence in the household are more likely to; use violence at school or community, attempt suicide, to use drugs, commit crimes, and more likely to become abusers in later life.

Domestic Violence is also a major contributor to the ill health of a victim. This includes gynecological problems, temporary or permanent disabilities, suicide and depression. In addition to health implications or public health concerns, domestic violence has also been acknowledged as a critical criminal justice issue.

The domestic violence program staff encourages empowerment, self-sufficiency and embodies the spirit of hope. The program also strives to reduce and eliminate family violence, therefore, making the community a better place to live. Primary prevention, intervention and awareness projects will provide support and help work towards the reduction and elimination of family violence. An effective response to domestic violence must be multi-facet; addressing the immediate practical needs of women experiencing abuse; providing long term follow-up and assistance; and focusing on cultural norms and attitudes that promote the acceptance and even encourage violence against women.

Provides confidential 24-hour hotline, shelter (THE SWANN HAVEN), crisis intervention, supportive services, court companion program, etc.

Community Education
Speakers may be scheduled for schools, industry, church and civic groups on the following topics:
The services offered at Tri-County Community Action Agency, Inc. 

Domestic & Sexual Violence, Elder Abuse, Dating Abuse, Healthy Relationships, Bullying, Stalking, etc.

  • Education and Prevention Programs

  • Opportunities for Volunteers (Application click here to download)


    Donations play a very important part in helping to provide victims with pertinent items needed to sustain or rebuild a healthy lifestyle. Hygiene items, clothes, household items, food, etc. are needed for victims of domestic & sexual violence. Donations are tax deductible and all donations are welcomed.

    Special Events
    Special events are opportunities to educate the community about our services, what domestic & sexual violence is and how it affects others.

An advocate is a volunteer providing crisis intervention and emotional support to victims of domestic & sexual violence when needed. The services may include: answering the hotline, court advocacy or medical companionship. A training program is provided for all services.

Contact TCCAA Domestic & Sexual Violence Program at 
(434) 572-1135 to schedule a speaker, make a donation and/or for volunteer opportunities.

Domestic & Sexual Violence Program Office
PO Box 1324, Halifax, VA 24558
(434) 572-1135   |   (434) 572-1134 (fax)
24-hr confidential line: (434) 572-1136
Office hours vary.

Kim Carson
Director of Emergencey Services at Tri-County Community Action Agency, Inc.